Nature walks in Nyungwe Forest National Park gives travelers a chance to explore more details about this forest with an experienced park ranger. Nyungwe Forest Nature Walks allow travelers to get closer to nature, as they learn more about trees, rocks, shrubs, animals, insects, birds, and others. Nyungwe Forest National Park is famous as a hot spot for its rich biodiversity among other popular national parks in Rwanda that have contributed to the development of the country’s tourism industry, offering over 140 kilometers of walking trails.

Nature walks and hiking in Nyungwe Forest National Park can be done along with other activities like chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, colobus monkey tracking, and canopy walks, tourists can go on hiking excursions in Nyungwe Forest.

Nyungwe Forest national park offers about 15 different hiking trails where travelers can explore during the nature walks in the park. All these hiking safaris begin from Uwinka, which is the park headquarters. The following are some of the Nyungwe Forest national park’s common hiking trails:

The Igishishigi walking trail in Nyungwe Forest national park is one of the most popular and exciting hiking trails. The Igishigishigi trail is approximately 2.4 kilometers long and may take about one and a half hours. It offers the opportunity to undertake Nyungwe’s interesting canopy walk, providing a wonderful experience where travelers walk on top of tree canopies as they spot numerous bird species, primate species, butterfly species, and many others.

The Imbaraga trail is a difficult hiking trail in Nyungwe Forest National Park. It is among the first trails that were discovered in the park, covering over 10 kilometers in length, and hiking takes about 6 hours to be completely done. The Imbaraga trail takes travelers through the four beautiful valleys of rivers, verdant, and waterfalls. Travelers can also spot chimpanzees if you’re lucky during the Imbaraga trail walk.

Buhoro trail walk is one of the shortest hiking trails in Nyungwe Forest National Park, which is about 2.5 kilometers long and takes only 2 hours to complete. Visitors can see some of the park’s most impressive residents, including tree and butterfly species, as well as birds like the Great Blue and Black-billed Turacos.

The Kamiranzovu trail walk is also a walking path in Nyungwe Forest National Park that leads to the lush Kamiranzovu swamps, home to a variety of wetlands and aquatic bird species. The round-trip distance is about 10 kilometers, and it takes about 3 hours to complete.

The Isumo waterfall trail is among the best walking trails in Nyungwe forest national park. The Isumo waterfall trail is about 10 kilometers and may take 4 hours to finish hiking. The Isumo water trail takes hikers through tea plantations where they can also see many bird species and primate species.

The Umugote Trail in Nyungwe Forest National Park gives travelers an opportunity to see numerous ridges, rainforest, and beautiful flowers. Travelers can easily spot the Kibira national park in Burundi. The Umugota trail walk is among the best for bird lovers.

The Irebero Trail, which is about 4 kilometers long and takes about 3 hours to hike, leads you to the highest peaks in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Tourists have the opportunity to view Lake Kivu from the Irebero trail.
Hiking trails in Nyungwe Forest National Park is an interesting and adventurous activity. The hiking trails offer travelers stunning and exciting views outside and inside Nyungwe Forest National Park.