Chimpanzee trekking is a unique activity in Uganda which involves tourists exploring the tropical rainforest on foot, searching for the habituated chimpanzee troops and spending an hour with them in the jungle. In Uganda, chimpanzee trekking is done in a variety of locations, including the national park that is home to the most chimpanzees called Kibale Forest National Park; Budongo Forest in Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park at Kyambura Gorge, Toro Semuliki Wildlife Reserve; and Kalinzu Forest.

Chimpanzee trekking experience 

Chimpanzee habituation experience is an informative training chimpanzee on how to get used to human beings in the wild. Chimpanzee habituation experience starts early in the morning with the rules and regulations given at the park headquarters. Participants embark on the fascinating activity of chimpanzee trekking following the briefing with a park guide who is knowledgeable about the various chimpanzee trekking trails. Because chimpanzees also roam from … Read the rest