Different Types of King Mattresses

By | March 24, 2021

A king-sized bed typically measures 72 to 78 inches in length and 72 inches in width. These are only fundamental dimensions, but the sizes can differ depending on the seller. This dimension is ideal for two adults who want a lot of their own room or two adults and a child that is growing. For more information related to king-sized mattresses visit https://savvysleeper.org/best-king-size-mattress/.


A larger mattress can overcome snoring, spinning, throwing, and cover robbing from a spouse. If you have chosen to have a king bed, you have to determine what kind of mattress you want. Here are the  most popular King-sized mattresses with their specifics and dimensions:

  • King

It is one size greater than a queen and has an additional sleeping capacity of 16 cm more.  A regular king measures 76 by 80 inches, similar to the two twin XL mattresses.

  • Eastern King

An eastern king is synonyms of a regular King and measures 76 by 80 inches.

  • California king

The only distinction is the width and length of the California king and the Eastern King. The California king-sized mattresses are 84 inches in length by 72 inches in width and therefore are the best for particularly large individuals and others who enjoy extra space.

  • Split King

A split king is known otherwise as a dual king’s mattress in two parts instead of one. The size of each component is approximately equal to that of a double mattress. Creating a king bed out of two different mattresses enables every partner to have their room frequently adapted for firmness or adjustability while remaining close to their partner.

King Mattresses Pros & Cons


  • Further room
  • Less irritability experienced while sleeping
  • Proper positions of sleep
  • Beneficial if you have children and pets to share the bed with


  • Bulky
  • It can be challenging to move and is heavy
  • More costly

Who’s Best For King Mattress?

Persons and couples who consider a king decides most frequently whether a king is worth the extra cash or whether a queen will be enough. Understanding their underlying differences lets you make an educated decision.

Many Queen mattresses are 60 x 80 inches instead of 76 x 80 inches for the King’s mattress. A queen needs at least 10×12 feet space, and King needs a room of at least 10×14 feet room but does not take other bedroom furniture into account. In general, queens work well for individual sleepers and couples who require little sleeping room. For couples who wish to have as many private sleeping rooms, a King-sized is usually preferable.

Where price is an issue, bear in mind that while a king usually costs more than a queen, there are affordable alternatives. Both a King and a Queen are available for several price points in a range of types so that you can find a quality mattress at a reasonable price for you in both sizes.

As described, when couples recognize that a king is larger than afoot, the room size becomes a significant factor. The interior designers suggest that you leave two feet of space on three sides of your bed, but that’s the least. You’ll need more space if you want a wardrobe, nightstands and some other items.

It’s a personal decision between a king’s or a queen’s mattress. Sleeping alone is an ideal alternative for a queen size and saves you room area. While you sleep with a partner for many years in a queen and find that your sleep is affected for whatever reason, upgrading to a king could pave the way to better sleep and better health for both of you. While you sleep with a partner for many years in a queen and find that your sleep is affected for whatever reason, upgrading to a king could pave the way to better sleep and better health for both of you.


If you are looking for a king-size mattress, you’re already on a better way to sleep and comfort. Most king-size mattress owners will claim it’s worth the extra cost. You are less likely to feel your partner’s movements during the day with additional space, and room space in a larger room, particularly in a master, looks better. Investing in a King’s mattress is an essential step in ensuring relaxed sleep.