Choosing the Best Memory Foam Mattress from

By | March 24, 2021

Are you looking for the new mattress and thinking to get rid of your old latex mattress to make room for the new memory foam mattress, if so there are certain things you need to know before you buy the new mattress.First of all we will talk about what the memory foammattress is actually and which features does it provides that pursue you to buy this mattress from

What is Memory foam mattress:-

A memory foam mattress contains a layer of foam that is usually called memory foam, with spring foam. It uses the body’s heat to mold the body’s shape. There are certain types of memory foams that can be purchased according to the personal preference and certain requirements. All the memory foam mattresses are not the same this is because they are categorized into different types. The material used the memory foams differs the memory foam mattresses from each other. If you are considering to buy the one we suggest you to go for

Three different types of memory foams are:-

  • Traditional memory foam: – Memory foam was basically a discovery from NASA to help astronauts enjoy the flights more comfortably. Traditional memory foam contains the petroleum-based material that was developed by NASA. It gets firmer when cool and becomes softer when warm. These two factors decide the level of its firmness and softness.
  • Gel memory foam:-Gel memory foam usually contains the characteristics that provide the heat retention. It is more responsive to movements than any other memory foam.
  • Plant-based memory foam:- As shown from the name the plant-based memory foam is from natural resources. It helps the mattress to be more responsive.

Choosing the mattress according to the sleeping positions:-

When selecting a mattress you should also have the sleeping position in mind in order to get the best mattress suitable for you. Sleepers are categorized in different types based on the sleeping position; they are categorized into four major types. First of all you should determine your sleeping position then you should select the firmness level of the mattress best suitable according to your sleeping positions.

Back sleepers: – those who rely fully on their back when sleeping need more support than side sleepers. Too much firm mattress push back against the spin this is because too much firm mattress is not good for back sleepers. They should go for a medium-firm mattress that is the best option for the back sleepers.

  • Side sleepers:-The side slippers need a mattress that could relieve the pressure on the shoulders. The option for a side sleeper.
  • Stomach sleepers: A firm mattress is the best option for a stomach sleeper because it helps prevent the torso sinking too deep that causes the spin to be misaligned.
  • Combination sleepers: on a lighter note those who are all in one sleepers, mean to say those who sleep in different positions should go for the mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft. It will probably be the best option for the combination sleepers.